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North Valley Fans and Blinds was established to provide North and West Valley customers with the most state-of-the-art ceiling fans available, and revolutionize the fan industry in Arizona. With a showroom boasting nearly 150 ceiling fans, NVFB has a solution for every customer. Whether your needs are contemporary, traditional, or minimalistic, NVFB can find the right ceiling fan for you. 

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Fans once were all similar, hang down or hugger, white or brass. Fans have since evolved into a major design piece to home or office decor. They accent furniture, cabinetry, flooring, window treatments, and because they often hang in the middle of a room, fans are a central piece of design to work around. Ceiling fans are available in many sizes, finishes, blade configurations, and styles and are also a great way to obtain a general source of lighting for your room.

Fans create the feeling of a breeze in your home, while circulating the stale air, leaving a room refreshed. They allow you to keep your thermostat a little higher in the summer by creating a cooling effect to you. While a fan will not lower the temperature of a room, it will keep you cooler when it is blowing downward towards you, aiding in evaporative cooling. In the winter you can reverse the direction of your fan, blowing air upward and push the warm air trapped against the ceiling back down into the room to warm you up. These functions will take some of the burden off your air conditioning units, resulting in lower energy bills and year round savings. 

With the innovation of DC motor technology, we are as green and energy efficient than ever. Visit us to learn the features and benefits of choosing a fan with DC motor technology!

The installation team has installed more than 25,000 ceiling fans across the valley in indoor, outdoor, and commercial settings. Our team can install a fan on ceilings over 20 feet high. Any in-store purchase receives FREE installation, a $60 value!

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